16 November 2016

Red Kettle Sites 2016

We are so thankful to our Kettle Site parners throughout the Greater Kalamazoo Area!

 If you would like to volunteer to ring bells, please sign up here or call Penny at 269-743-0834. 

Sam's Club, Portage

WalMart, Shaver Rd

WalMart, Gull Rd

WalMart, 9th St

WalMart, Plainwell

Hobby Lobby, W. Main

Hobby Lobby, Westnedge

JC Penney, Crossroads Mall

Macy's, Crossroads Mall

D&W, Parkview

D&W, Romence

Family Fare, Vicksburg

Harding's, Schoolcraft

Harding's, Galesburg

Harding's, Richland

Harding's, Otsego

Harding's, Woodbridge

Harding's, Westnedge

Harding's, W Main

Harding's, Stadium

Harding's, Parchment

Harding's, Cork

Town & Country