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Ringing the bell is our way of spreading the joy of Christmas and encouraging others to give to those in need.   Bell ringing is a simple volunteer activity that you can fit into a busy life style and make a real difference.  Two hours at a kettle is a typical shift and we suggest you ring in pairs or as a group.  Who said you can’t have some great fun while you ring the bell? Do you sing? Play an instrument?  Juggle or Hula hoop? Do you have any other talents that would bring a smile and raise money for The Salvation Army?  The more fun you have the more generous you will find our community to be.

Recent Stats

  • 4,007 - Kids served through Toy Shop
  • 2,360- People served with food
  • 825 - Christmas Baskets
  • 773- Households receiving Utility Assistance
  • 600 - Thanksgiving Baskets
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